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Floor Slip Resistance Testing and Coefficient of Friction Measurement
Building Safety Expert

On-site slip resistance testing is performed on walkways, floors, stairs, ramps, and sidewalks.  Testing will produce both dynamic and static coefficient of friction measurements.  Walking surface materials can include ceramic tiles, concrete, wood, vinyl, terrazzo, and laminates.  Measurements can be conducted on sample mock-ups before construction and again after installation to ensure increased safety for all users of the walkways.

The floor slip resistance tests are done with a Tracscan II tribometer.  The instrument incorporates the latest technology and is approved by the National Floor Safety Institute.  Its superior performance in multiple laboratory studies ensures that it produces accurate, reliable, and repeatable results.  

Testing is performed to the ANSI/NFSI B101.1 and B101.3 standards.  I trained at the National Floor Safety Institute to earn the ANSI accredited designation of Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder (WACH). Testing will report measurement results and an interpretation of the results as it relates to pedestrian safety.

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